Installing PHP 5.2 on Ubuntu 10.10

November 14, 2010 by Roel Veldhuizen

Ubuntu 10.10 has PHP 5.3 as default, some application are still unable to work with PHP 5.3 and require PHP 5.2. We where able to fix this in earlier versions of Ubuntu with a script previously published. However, this script uses aptitude for re-installing the packages and since Ubuntu 10.10 aptitude isn’t installed by default. I adapted the script and was able to make it work with Ubuntu 10.10.


About Roel Veldhuizen
Roel has a broad interest in business and IT-related subjects. In his bachelor, he focused on computer programming and embed software development. In this way, he became familiar a broad set of programming languages and techniques like Java, C, C#, C++, Php, web services and so on. After finishing his bachelor, Roel wanted to focus more on the business side of the IT and started studying business informatics. During his master study, he started a company, Paston, specialized in open source business application around Business Process Management.


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